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"I needed custom ramps that would double as an incline for moving my household and business furniture and equipment with hand trucks and dollies. Fred's (owner of Reverse Logic) expertise in recommending design considerations for my circumstances was amazing. He thought of details that only years of design/technical experience makes possible. I especially appreciate his patience and dedicated commitment to meet my needs during the custom design process."  Paul - Fresno, California

"Great idea to help lift heavy wheels and tires off and back onto the wheel hub. Protects brake rotors and calipers when remounting wheels & tire back onto the hub. Makes mounting a tire easy, just screw the [female threaded lug] guide tool onto the thread of the hub stud, slip the wheel and tire on or off. You just need 2 and for $32.00 with free shipping this is a must for the person that wants to check & clean calipers, check brake pads, and clean the inside of the wheels. These are high quality products and the service that you receive from Reverse Logic is quite impressive. Free shipping also. Who does that? Very few vendors ship items free but Reverse Logic does."  Richard - Las Cruces, NM

"I want to thank you for the W204 jack pad tool and the stainless steel lug bolt guide. The quality of these tools is simply amazing. It almost seems a shame to use them they are that good. I used the lug bolt tool and it works as well as it looks. Much nicer to use than the aluminum tool that came with our R-Class. You are a Master at what you do and it is a very real pleasure to receive tools of such high quality. These tools bring a smile to my face to hold and behold."  Jim - Darling Islands, NB

"Awesome product and craftsmanship." Mike - Powell, OH

"A quality item. A must have for all MB owners!"  Tony - Lenoir, NC

"This is a well made product and it fits the car very nicely. You really have a good item. Thanks again for your help and your quick service." Eric - Bernville, PA

"My dad received the Jack Pad Tool today. He just tried it and he is very impresses. He will recommend it to other Mercedes owners." Vickie - Lavaltrie, QC

"Fantastic product. The quality is FIRST RATE. Highly recommended." Roger - Port Saint Lucie, FL

"A remarkable vendor whose service is unparalleled and goods are first-class." Tom- Newbury Park, CA

"Thank you for delivering a quality product that is both functional and visually stunning... one can tell that heart and sould went into the design and manufacturing. I can't wait to use them... of course with a chamois wrapped around... don't want to mar the finish." Gerald - Allen, TX

"I received your pad tool today. Not only is it beautifully made and finished, it fits perfectly in the jack points." Glen - Lompoc, CA

"I want to tell you that the jack stand adapters worked out exactly as designed. Thanks so much for your help and providing what your customers need and want."  David - Liberty, NC

"I used the ramps today.  Consider me one very satisfied customer. Amazing combination of strength and lightness.  And the 10" lift gives plenty of room for creeper access from the side."
Brian - Syracuse, NY

"Just a quick note to say thank you. I got the Jack Pad Tool last week, very prompt service and a very nicely engineered and manufactured product. It works perfectly. Great work."

Brian - St. Catharines, ON

"I had the opportunity to use the Jack Pad Tool this weekend and I wanted to pass along to you that it was a pleasure using a tool that was so well engineered and manufactured. It made changing over to my Winter tires a breeze." Mike - Springfield, VA

"I have to say that the attention to design detail and manufacturing quality of these parts is exceptional and delivery to the UK first rate. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Reverse Logic. Thank you again for an outstanding online purchasing experience... one that many online retailers could learn from!"  Michael - United Kingdom

"Glad I bought two lug bolt guide tools - although one will get the job done, two makes life easier (installed at 10 & 2 o'clock positions) especially on free spinning front wheels, and ensures that nothing gets scratched in the process. Thanks for outstanding service and products." Paul - Wilmington, MA

"Reverslogic machines simple tools (e.g., lug bolt guides, jack pucks) that are functional and beautiful to look at. Good cars deserve good tools. Using 3 lug bolt guides prevents me from dinging the large painted brake calipers when changing wheels." Arthur - Livermore, CA

Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Tool

Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad Tool

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