Jack Pad Tools for Mercedes-Benz Chassis

Most Mercedes-Benz vehicles introduced after the 2000 model year incorporate a combination jack point which can be used with either the vehicle jack or the dealer service department lift. The Reverse Logic jack pad tools for Mercedes-Benz with spring loaded pins leverage a small notch in either end of the jack point pocket. The pins in the ends of the jack pad tool block are positioned to snap into these notches and temporarily suspend the tool while a floor jack can be positioned below the jack point. With the jack pad tool in place the car can be safely lifted with a floor jack without damaging the side skirts or undercarriage. Our line of aluminum tools for Mercedes-Benz chassis require a floor jack with a saddle that is a minimum of 3" in diameter to accommodated the 63mm diameter base.

On MB cars with the standard body side skirts, the jack points typically extend slightly below the side skirts. The side skirts on cars with AMG body kits frequently hang below the jack points making these cars even more of a challenge to lift with a floor jack. Reverse Logic offers an optional spacer to increase the height of the block on the jack pad tool for MB models with AMG side skirts. The spacer is included with the W203plus, W221plus, W204plus, W205plus, and R171plus jack pad tools.

The R230 SL-Class and W220 S-Class use an older style cone-shaped jack point. The Reverse Logic R230JPT jack pad tool uses a Silicone O-ring to "grab" onto the jack points on these chassis. The R230JPT extends the height of the vehicle jack point providing more clearance for a floor jack saddle or the arms of a four-arm lift.

The X204 GLK, W166 M-Class, X166 GL, W205 C-Class, W222 S-Class, and X253 GLC chassis do not have notches in the vehicle jack pocket. The Multi-vehicle MV52-30-28 jack pad tool will fit these chassis. This tool does not incorporate spring loaded pins and does not suspend itself from the jack point. The W205 jack pad tool with Silicone plugs can also be used with these chassis.