RR-XT 67" long one-piece Race Ramps service ramps.

Constant Incline Service Ramps

Almost all Race Ramps products feature a constant incline over the length of the ramp. The 10.8 degree slope of both the 56” and 67” service ramps is much more shallow than the 17 degree slope of service ramps typically sold in Auto Superstores. In addition to the standard factory models, Reverse Logic offers a 78” long ramp with the same 10.8 degree incline, but, higher 12” platform. Solid core construction EPS foam Race Ramps will not slide across a garage floor, dig into an asphalt driveway, or scratch or otherwise damage a cement or painted floor. They can be used on grass, dirt, or almost any other flat surface, and they will never rust. 

Constant Incline Ramps