Audi Jack Pad Tool with R8.

Jack Pad Tool for Audi

The Reverse Logic jack pad tool for Audi chassis is compatible with the R8, TT Mk2, and other RS, and S chassis which use a jack point with a half circle shaped pocket. Typical chassis jack points for these Audi models are shown below. The jack point in the R8 chassis is recessed as shown in the photo. This tool is not intended to be used with Audi chassis with pinch weld jack points.

An anodized aluminum bar-shaped "block" is bolted to the base with an M10x1.5 bolt. The shape of the block allows the car to be lifted without binding against the side of the block. No modifications to the jack pad receptacles on your car are required to use this jack pad tool.

This jack pad tool is intended to be used with a floor jack with a flat bottomed saddle that is at least 3-inches in diameter and no more than 1/2-inch deep.